Cadenza Music Calgary is a community based music school that strives to instill the love of music in all it’s students. With passionate, experienced teachers and an engaging curriculum we help students achieve their best and develop musicianship.

We are a Calgary based music studio that offers lessons  in group and private settings. We offer Early Childhood Music, Piano, and Theory.


At Cadenza music it’s all about inspiring  young minds to become the best versions of themselves! A life long enjoyment of music and personal growth are at the core of our philosophy.

          Motto: Inspire, Empower, Grow!

Vision: To enhance student’s quality of life by providing a channel of expression and nurturing a love of music that will lead to a fuller life by inspiring and empowering individuals to grow in all areas of life.

Mission: Provide high quality, timely and comprehensive music education.

High quality – harbor attention to detail, deeper understanding of music, strive for excellence

Timely- age appropriate and that uses contemporary tools and technologies as well as contemporary material that appeals to users

Comprehensive – a holistic approach to music that develops all parts of the student’s skill, with no gaps in their education. (all 4 skill sets : Listening, Reading, Performing, Creating )

Maintain a nurturing safe environment that inspiring creativity and confidence