How to Pick the Right Music Program for Your Child



Sorting through the numerous options might be overwhelming but here are a few points to consider when picking your child’s music program.


  • Outline your needs and goals for your child. e.g.  I want my child to perform professionally  ,

          I want my child to acquire a wide foundation in music

          I am interested in an activity that will keep my child stimulated and engaged

         I want my child to be exposed to a variety of musical styles and instruments

  • Once you are clear on what you want you can set about discovering what’s out there visit the program’s location, website, have a chat with the teacher. Discuss teaching philosophy instead of particular results. If you have the opportunity to observe a preview lesson or attend an open house that is the best way to get a feel for the program


  • Ask what the practise requirements are and what kind of commitment is required from both the student and parent. Even if you are not sure you can keep up with this make a plan and give it a chance. Kids will surprise you.


  • Ask to sit in on a few sessions and make sure your child is engaged and having fun. Kids learn best when they’re enjoying the lesson


  • Check on performance opportunities. Performance is as important as lessons


  • Is there a set curriculum and a way to check in on progress. Whether this is done through formal exams or informal assessments, it’s important to have feedback. This keeps both student and teacher on task.
  • Whether you are looking for a hobby or you are committing to a longterm activity make sure you do your research and inquire about policies such as makeup ,cancellation etc. before hand
  • Once you have made your selection bring an open mind and have fun in lessons.