Music Lessons In Calgary – Haysboro Community


Cadenza music studio is a music studio that serves Haysboro community and area. We are excited to be back for our second year this Fall 2017 with our new Fun with Music classes and continuing Let’s Play class.

Our unique piano based music lessons give your 3 to 5 year old child a great start in music. Great preschool method and weekly music classes.  Our group lessons lead to the perfect beginning in piano lessons and a life enjoyment of music. The Hasyboro Community Hall has been host to our music classes since Fall of 2016 and our graduates have enjoyed building community while having fun in music lessons.

If you are looking for a great music program for your young ones...

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How to Pick the Right Music Program for Your Child


Sorting through the numerous options might be overwhelming but here are a few points to consider when picking your child’s music program.

  • Outline your needs and goals for your child. e.g.  I want my child to perform professionally  ,

          I want my child to acquire a wide foundation in music

          I am interested in an activity that will keep my child stimulated and engaged

         I want my child to be exposed to a variety of musical styles and instruments

  • Once you are clear on what you want you can set about discovering what’s out there visit the program’s location, website, have a chat with the teacher. Discuss teaching philosophy instead of particular results...
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5 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed at Piano this Fall


September is that time when fall is in  full swing and routines are starting to take shape. Fall is a great time to reevaluate your routines and set up new healthier routines that lead to better habits before the holidays take over. Take the opportunity to help your child set new goals for piano study and guarantee success. Here are 5 easy hacks to hit the refresh button on a stale practise routine.

  1. Reevaluate your objective:  Help your child define the answer to “why do I play piano? ” I do  this with all my students at the beginning of each year. It’s  a powerful way to get the big picture perspective for parents, students and teacher. It helps all parties set their goals and expectations from the get go.When things are tough and motivation is low it’s a great question to ask to bri...
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